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Printable Deep Sky Atlases:

Deep Sky Hunter Star Atlas (2nd release):
dee-sky hunter star atlas for printing

New, comprehensive deep sky atlas, designed for serious DSO observers.
DSO down to magnitude 14, stars down to 10.2, 101 pages (entire sky), 21 "zoom" maps,
Indicated best objects, dark & bright nebulae, common names, detailed objects list.
Note: This atlas is designed for A3 pages. Consider 1st release if you prefer A4.

Deep-Sky Atlas (1st release):
deep sky thesky atlas for printing

First, "lighter" release of my printable star atlas. It features DSO down to magnitude 12.5, stars down to 9.5, 80 pages (limited to DEC -58°), common names, only bright nebulae outlines, best double stars, shaded milky way. Designed for A4 pages.


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